by Kat Lucas

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I was inspired to write this after a situation that happened at a bar in San Francisco just this past weekend. My guard was down, I was wide open, enjoying, laughing and hanging out with my friends, and suddenly was approached at the end of the night by a person who was completely drunk and belligerent, trying to pick a fight and saying really rude and obnoxious things. She was making racist comments and was so unaware that they were inappropriate and disrespectful. She would not stop, though we told her it wasn’t right, and refused to see how she was in the wrong. She just kept giggling. It felt like my insides were being burned, they were aching, raw, stabbing just being in her presence.

Learning about childhood trauma taught me that in situations like this, where there is injustice, it is common to feel triggered by your past, feel like the trauma is happening again, feeling the injustice of the trauma and abuse happening to you. So, I definitely felt triggered. I was raging, bubbling inside, shaking, but not able to physically or even verbally express myself. I didn't yell, I didn't hit her, yet I felt the adrenaline rushing and all I could do was burst into mad tears the second I got into the elevator. After getting back to my hotel room and taking a bath, and crying more and more, thinking about the world and how people don't even know how they are being, that they just say things without thinking, and probably haven't even been taught that this is wrong or could hurt other people. It's basically not treating everyone equally, and this is something I am very passionate about raising awareness about. I can't believe racism is still a thing. And, I will do what I can in this lifetime to raise awareness and help people realize that we are all one, we are all the same.

I pictured my chest cracking wide open as I sobbed, felt connected to everyone and everything, and told myself I was allowing the light to shine out of the cracks. I told myself instead of letting this get me down, I would use this fire of inspiration to do good for the world and humanity, and use it to drive me to serve the best I can. So...this poem was born, which I turned into a spoken word, and then later added piano to. Thank you for listening, and so much love to you.

Keep peace alive.




We can rise from a broken place,
Heal the scars that cover the world

All we need is love and forgiveness,
to let the past go, and not take hold

Free our minds so we don't act on
the humanly impulses we have learned

Or at least be able to recognize
if they cause someone to hurt

There's no need for war or violence,
We can all live in peace

It takes going deep down inside yourself,
Finding the place that makes you breathe

Sitting there just for a moment,
and another, and again

'Til you glow so bright and you feel the love,
The place from where you once came

The more you do this, find your centre,
Feel the ground beneath your toes

You'll see beauty in other people
You will see the way they glow

Suddenly we'll all be shining, comforting,
loving as we were meant to be

No more hatred, no more battle scars,
Yes, we can all be free.

People talk about Heaven like
it's some magical place so far away

Yet it's right here, it's right inside you,
Always with you every day

Take a second, close your eyes
and feel your belly fill with air

Follow the breath right out the way it came...
and soon you'll be right there

Soon you'll be right there

Soon you'll be right there


released June 21, 2016


all rights reserved



Kat Lucas Toronto, Ontario

Hi. I'm Kat. I spend most of my days making music, writing, making art, daydreaming, and hanging out with my kitties. I caught the music bug before I could walk and we've been in a beautifully tumultuous relationship ever since. I've seen music heal, inspire and uplift people in a way that nothing else does, and my dream is to share the healing power of music with as many people as I can.
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